Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pap's Place

If there's one thing I know about food service, it's that "Pap" should never be part of the name of a restaurant.

Besides the unappetizing choice of a name, the terrible Minnie Pearl impersonator and disturbing furries in this commercial disaster are more than enough to scare me away from eating at this restaurant. (Did you notice the catfish mascot has arms? Makes me worry about what kind of mutant catfish they're serving on their buffet.) And what's with the Jesus reference? Talk about a non sequitur! If all that isn't enough to dissuade you from eating at this establishment, keep an eye on the guy in the apron at the end. Scary.


  1. I just saw this commercial, in real life, on TV, and we are wondering if they make you show a Baptism certificate in order to eat any of their fish. This is beyond bad. I get it that the legend is that Jesus was a fisherman, but he wasn't a Christian because there was no such thing yet. I suspect he'd be as horrified with this commercial as I am.

  2. Lol, imagine being triggered by a harmless local mom and pop ad. ����