Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nicolas Cage Loves Balls

Nicolas Cage is more notorious for overspending his income than the federal government, so these days it would be no surprise to see him shilling anything from Big Macs to toilet brushes to make ends meet. But at the height of his career, back when he wasn't quite the celebrity basket case that he is now, he quietly made a series of commercial disasters... er... ads in Japan for Pachinko. (Pachinko, if you don't know, is a slot machine-like gaming device popular in Japan that dispenses steel balls which can be exchanged for cash -- because direct cash payouts are illegal in Japan, for whatever reason.) Below is one of five commercial disasters he made for Sankyo, a maker of Pachinko machines.

(If you guys are interested in seeing more from this series, let me know and I'll post them.)


  1. You need to find the one where he runs into the spacemen Pachinko's in the desert. it's amazing.

  2. Actually, I have that one and will be posting it (although, not for a few weeks). So be on the lookout for it!

  3. And you're right, it IS something to behold!