Monday, June 6, 2011

Athletes Should Leave It on the Field

This commercial disaster from the Connecticut Lottery stars former New England Patriot John Hannah and is a perfect example of why athletes shouldn't act...

How is this commercial disastrous? Let me count the ways...
  1. No educated, affluent mother (as the setting, her wardrobe and appearance make this woman out to be) would really think it's ok for a 16-year-old to play the lottery. If she looked and sounded different, it might be believable. But as they're selling it, no one's buying.
  2. She's talking to herself in a way that no one ever talks to themselves
  3. Her acting
  4. His acting
  5. The look on her face that is supposed to say, "Oops, you caught me", but really says, "Who the hell let you in my house???"
  6. Why should we "take it from him"? What makes him a freakin' expert???
  7. The fact that to sell his credibility, they have to put him in his old Patriots jersey
  8. The graphics that, again in an effort to sell his credibility, describe him as a "legend"
  9. How, in a matter of seconds, the woman is convinced that this random home intruder must be right despite the presentation of any concrete evidence
  10. He hands her a football. Like there's any 16-year-old boy in America that's never owned a football before?
  11. The baby blue bow on the football
  12. The ridiculously long anti-gambling web address at the end. It's almost like they don't want you to visit it!
Whew! And that's just a 30 second spot! After all that, I need a drink! (Unless John Hannah is going to pop up in my kitchen and tell me I shouldn't do that either.)

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