Q. These commercials are SOOOO bad! Are they for real?

A. I do my absolute best to confirm and verify that every commercial on Commercial Disasters is for a real business/product/etc. and that it has actually been used for advertising said establishment. So as far as I can tell, yes, everything on here is completely "real". However, if you have evidence that any disaster featured on this site is a fake, parody, or in any way inauthentic, let me know via the Contact page and I will investigate.

Q. I have something to say! Can I comment on your posts?

A. Yes! And your comments are encouraged! To make a comment, simply click on the (#) comments link in the upper left corner of the gray box that is at the bottom of each post. (In this example it says, "0 comments".)

Just click that link and it will take you to the comment section for that post. After you enter your comment in the comment box, the only tricky part is that you have to select a profile to comment as. (Don't worry, you can just enter your first name or comment as Anonymous if you want to be "mysterious".)

Click Post Comment and you'll have to do a little CAPTCHA thing to prove you're human (Google's rule, not mine). Pass that and your comment will be posted!

Q. Isn't your site design a little plain?

A. Yes, for now. This is my first ever attempt at a website, so I'm focusing first on creating a steady stream of quality content and making sure there are enough people interested in it before I spend a lot of time and money on developing a slick design and all the fancy doodads that most websites in the Web 2.0 world have. I do, however, want to make sure that what I do have is well organized, so if you experience any problems with the site or have any suggestions on how I could make it better, feel free to drop me a line on the Contact page. But the bottom line is, if you come back to visit often (and bring your friends), I promise the interface will improve with time.

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