Monday, September 5, 2011

Sexy Jennifer Anniston

This commercial disaster is a terrible mish mosh of poor execution and missed opportunities. I don't want to (entirely) spoil the ad for you at the outset, so watch it first and then we'll discuss...

The "fantasy" girl this guy is dreaming about is clearly not Jennifer Anniston, so we're supposed to believe, first of all, that this putz could land Jennifer Anniston in the first place, and secondly, that he could go out on a date with a second beautiful woman while Jennifer Anniston faithfully waits for him at home.

I suppose the advertiser is trying to imply that by wearing Lynx body spray, a loser like this can be so irresistible to women that he can pull this off. But c'mon!... Nothing about this pinhead's actions are likable, which makes this commercial unbelievable and ineffective. Screenwriting 101: make your character likable and the audience will get on board with your message much more quickly. This is especially important in commercials, where you only have 30 seconds to a minute to sell an audience on your message.

If this commercial had shown the guy starting out as a loser, putting on the Lynx body spray, and through a series of comedic accidents, discovering that he was irresistible to women -- particularly Jennifer Anniston -- it would have been a much more effective commercial... and frankly, a better use of Jennifer Anniston's "talents".

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